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A Virginia school district sends a letter to parents telling them that honors classes will be selected based on race. To comment on-air call 888 788 9910


2:05 PM Post Racial! A Virginia high sent a disturbing letter to parents and students announcing they would be selecting students for Advanced Placement and honors classes based on skin color – instead of intelligence. Martin Luther King, Jr. must be turning over in his grave. A parent forwarded me a copy of the letter sent from John Handley High School in Winchester. “Through our collective work, advanced classes such as AP and Honors will have proportional representation,” read the letter. “Proportional representation is 40% White, 35% Hispanic, 12% African American, 10% mixed race.” The letter went on to explain that public schools across the country “continue to see outcomes that are disproportionate by race and social class.” 

2:10 PM Eric Sitton – the father of a rising sophomore honors student at the high school:

“My initial reaction was disbelief,” Sitton said. “I was taken aback…shocked that a school district would send this to parents.” READ THE FULL STORY HERE!


For Real? Loretta Lynch used the alias “Elizabeth Carlisle” for official emails as attorney general, including those related to her infamous tarmac meeting last summer with former President Bill Clinton. The emails were included in 413 pages of Justice Department documents provided to conservative watchdog groups Judicial Watch andAmerican Center for Law and Justice. Critics of the practice argue that such aliases can result in some requested emails to and from officials going undetected. Lynch used the alias to help craft responses to media requests about the meeting, the documents show. Todd gets reaction from Judicial Watch Attorney Michael Bekesha.

PLUS: Trump TV! Todd speaks with Kayleigh McEnany about her pro-Trump newscast and the reaction it’s getting from the media.

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1:51 PM Richard Grenell, Fox News contributor and former UN spokesman:

“What a shocker,” Grenell said, describing the three methods to shoot a missile. “The North Koreans have been testing all three steps with great success.” 

1:35 PM Trump TV! Our next guest made headlines on Sunday for her appearance in a pro-Trump video segment that was posted to President Donald Trump’s official Facebook page. It was not the first time McEnany had gone to bat for the president. She gained recognition during the 2016 election for frequently appearing as a Trump surrogate on cable news networks

Kayleigh McEnany, the newest RNC Spokesperson, former CNN Commentator:

“It is so nice to be among allies at the RNC,” McEnany said of her move away from CNN.

The new RNC spokesperson responded to her former colleague Jake Tapper calling her Trump TV broadcast not real or news. “Not all news has to be negative towards Trump to be classified as real news….they just seem to take issue with the facts that are positive,” she said. “This newscast I did was showing the positive side of the Trump administration – something that you will never find in the mainstream media.”

Judicial Watch Attorney Michael Bekesha:

“When it comes to the Clintons, everything keeps changing,” Bekesha said. He added the question, why would they need talking points if they’re just talking about babies and golf? “If it’s just grandkids and golf, that doesn’t have to be protected,” he said.


ICE arrested 32 illegal alien sex offenders in Long Island, New York. The youngest victim was just four years old. Todd is furious. He says it’s time to choose sides in the fight to reclaim our nation from the illegals.

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12:05 PM Miami on Board! For the first time since it began extending the detentions of local inmates sought for deportation, Miami-Dade County received word from Washington that it won’t be treated as a community giving “sanctuary” to immigration violators. An Aug. 4 letter to Mayor Carlos Gimenez from the Justice Department said “there was no evidence” Miami-Dade was out of compliance with an immigration provision of a federal police grant worth about $480,000 this year to the county. Shortly after President Donald Trump took office promising an immigration crackdown, Gimenez reversed a 2013 county policy and ordered Miami-Dade jails to begin honoring requests by immigration officers to extend the detentions of people in local custody who are also being sought for possible deportation. Miami-Dade is the only large jurisdiction known to have made that kind of change, which the County Commission endorsed in February. Is New York Next? What about California?


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