Todd Starnes Show Recap – Sep 15

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A truck driver who gave away a load of plywood to Hurricane victims was fired. The owner of the company said he had no right to give away something that wasn’t his. Do you agree or disagree? 888 788 9910


2:36 PM Max Lucado, San Antonio pastor and best-selling author, latest being, “Anxious for Nothing: Finding Calm in a Chaotic World“:

Lucado said he got the idea for the book from the fourth chapter in Philippians.

GoFundMe for Truck Driver who was fired for giving away plywood before Hurricane Irma

Trump Lets 11-Year-Old Frank Mow White House Lawn


Conservatives are preparing to go to war with Establishment Republicans. Would you support efforts to primary GOP lawmakers who are obstructing President Trump’s agenda? Call Todd right now to discuss 888 788 9910.


Live Stream: RIOT WATCH – Jason Stockley Not Guilty Protest – St Louis, MO:


California is poised to become a sanctuary state today for illegal aliens – amid a raging debate over whether President Trump will protect so-called Dreamers. Todd says deport every illegal alien. How would you handle the illegal alien problem? Call now 888 788 9910.


12:36 PM Bestselling author Ann Coulter:

“First of all, it was candidate Trump running against 16 clowns, .so we had no other choice but to support the only one who wasn’t a clown,” Coulter said of what went wrong with Trump, noting all wrong political choices he has made since announcing his campaign. “He needs to surround himself with people who are on the Trump Train — but no, he surrounded himself with people…who ferociously support DACA…”

“All of the worst advice keeps coming from Jared Kushner…I’m not really blaming him…his qualification is he’s the president’s son-in-law.”

“We knew what he was, but there was no alternative…Trump is betraying us – let’s be clear – by doing what every other candidate promised to do [on immigration].”

“What I want is Trump to be wooed back to the Trump train — it is Trump who has left the Trump train…but yeah, he’s gotta build a wall.”

12:10 PM Congressman Louie Gohmert (R- TX):

Gohmert says we need to build the wall before we do anything else on law enforcement and immigration at the border. Gohmert said border agents see a huge surge from illegals at the border every time anyone in Congress starts talking about amnesty or the likes. 

Todd asked, Do you have any confidence in Mitch McConnell or Paul Ryan in fixing the border? “It scares me to death, Todd,” Rep. Gohmert said. “Comprehensive means we want to make a bill so big no one can see all the trash we put in there.”

“We’re not talking about legalization until the border is secure,” he said.

“I’ve been a little concerned about repairing the fences…when [Trump] talks to Schumer and Pelosi – they are such silver tongued devils…I’m giving him the benefit of the concerns that he’s bringing them in…it’s a hope that springs eternal, but we cannot have immigration reform until the border is totally secure.”

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