Mob Attacks Trump Supporters, Burns U.S. Flag

By Todd Starnes

Supporters of Donald Trump were punched, pelted with garbage and taunted by an angry mob outside the Minneapolis Convention Center where the campaign was hosting a fundraiser. 

The violent thugs actually spit on elderly women, The Hill reports.  They spit on elderly women, folks. 

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The anti-American miscreants even burned an American flag — while some in the crowd started screaming, “F*** the U.S.A.”

Video filmed by the Minneapolis Star-Tribune is simply revolting. It shows supporters being terrorized. But the newspaper dismissed the facts in its own video — and said the Trump supporters were just “harshly confronted.”

Does that look like “harshly confronted?”

Minneapolis Police say protesters started a fire and damaged one of the doors at the Convention Center. One person leaving the fundraiser was robbed of their cell phone.  

According to our Fox News affiliate in the Twin Cities, no one has been arrested in either incident.

Why not? 

Were the police given orders to stand down? If so, who gave the order? Since when is it legal to punch and brutalize and terrorize innocent Americans? And why hasn’t the wife of Bill Clinton denounced this kind of anti-American thuggery? 

The Mainstream Media has ignored the latest attack on Trump supporters — but that’s not surprising. It just doesn’t fit the false narrative they are trying to shove down the throats of American voters.