MSNBC Compares Joe Biden and Kamala Harris to God

It’s just the beginning of the media drooling over the Biden administration. As Joe Biden held a memorial event to those lost so far due to coronavirus, MSNBC’s Eddie Glaude hailed Joe Biden as God.

“When it comes to leftist theology Joe Biden is Almighty God and Barack Obama is Chicago Jesus,” said nationally-syndicated talk show host Todd Starnes. “It’s basically a heaping helping of apostasy with a side order of heresy.”

Listen to the full clip below:

In addition to his praise for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, Glaude condemned Trump supporters as the culprits for the coronavirus deaths.

“It’s easy for us to place all of the blame on Donald Trump,” he says. “He makes it easy for us, you know? He does. But there were 75, 74-plus million people who voted for him. Selfishness, greed, you know, they run rampant across the land, but you know, there’s something that President-elect Biden said: ‘To heal is to remember. To heal is to remember.'”

This is just one example of the many worshiping messages I’ve seen over the past few days about the incoming Biden Administration.

It’s going to be four years of the media avoiding asking Biden any tough questions and a show of the media drooling into buckets at everything the new president says and does.

This is what idolatry politics looks like.