NPR: Stop Making Babies and Driving Cars to Save the Planet

By Todd Starnes/Twitter

The folks at National Public Radio are touting a study that says making babies may be to blame for global warming.

“A recent study from Lund University in Sweden shows that the biggest way to reduce climate change is to have fewer children,” NPR declared.

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It’s bad enough that the global warming crowd wants us to use recycled toilet paper and battery-powered cars, but now they want to tell Americans what they can and cannot do in the bedroom.

“I know this is a sensitive topic to bring up,” study co-author Kimberly Nicholas told NPR’s Morning Edition. “Certainly it’s not my place as a scientist to dictate choices for other people. But I do think it is my place to do the analysis and report it fairly.”

The study reportedly found that having one fewer child reduced carbon emissions.  

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“I think the decision to become a parent is a really personal decision,” she told NPR. “I think the way people relate to it in terms of climate change depends on their view about climate change.”

In addition, the study urged people to consider living car-free, avoiding airplane travel and eating a plant-based diet.

Meanwhile, Bill Nye, the alleged Science Guy, told the Los Angeles Times that older people need to “age out” before climate science can advance.

And by “age out” – he means kick the bucket.

“Climate change deniers, by way of example, are older. It’s generational,” he said. “We’re just going to have to wait for those people to ‘age out,’ as they say.”

In other words, the global warming crowd would be willing to sacrifice your grandmother to save a polar bear. Sorry, Nanna.

So let’s review – the liberals believe the only way to save planet earth is to stir-fry lawn clippings, kill off granny and drive one of those effeminate cars that you have to plug into a wall outlet.

I feel a raging microaggression coming on.

So for the sake of our great nation, I call upon my fellow countrymen to gas up their F-150’s, barbecue some burgers, grab the Mrs. and put on some Barry White baby-making music.

Be fruitful and multiply, America.

And if the NPR chatterboxes give you any grief, just tell them to take their global warming nonsense and kindly blow it out their tailpipe.


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