Ohio Sheriff Offers Free Concealed Carry Training to School Teachers

Sheriff Richard Jones was expecting around 20 or so teachers to take up his offer of free concealed carry training. Instead, more than 300 teachers in Butler County, Ohio signed up.

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“As a sheriff I’m so sick and tired of the carnage,” Sheriff Jones said on the Todd Starnes Radio Show. “We cannot wait for the government to help us. We have to take care of ourselves.”

The sheriff recounted a conversation he had with his daughter after she had dropped her children off at school shortly after the Florida shooting.. Like many mothers she was deeply concerned about school safety.

So the sheriff posted a notice on Twitter — offering to train teachers — and the response was overwhelming.

“When you hear the news media on the Left saying teachers don’t want to have guns in the schools – that’s not true. That’s fake news,” the sheriff told me.

He said teachers and school staff need to be prepared in the unfortunate event of a school attack.

“You’d better have a line of defense,” he said.

He said one armed security officer is not enough. He said there need to be additional school personnel — who have been properly trained — who can spring into action.

“Nobody knows who has the gun except the police — that’s what we need,” Sheriff Jones said. “We can’t stop the shootings but we can stop it from being worse than it is.”

And he warned that local communities need to step up and stop waiting for the government to help.

“We’ve got to do it locally,” he said.