Passengers Stage Impromptu Graduation for Student Stuck on Subway

By Todd Starnes

Americans are a pretty resourceful people — especially folks who live in New York City.

The other day Jerich Alcantara was on his way to commencement exercises at Hunter College.

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He was on the E Train – dressed in a purple graduation gown — when suddenly the train came to a grinding halt. Thanks to a mechanical problem – the train was stuck in a tunnel – for three hours.

And as a result, Jerich missed his graduation ceremony at Hunter College. 

But instead of complaining, Jerich and his fellow straphangers decided to improvise – and they helped the nursing student stage his own ceremony underground on the E Train.

One of his buddies drew up a fake diploma on a cell phone – another pretended to be the college dean – and shook his hand.

“And they played some music for me there as well,” he told Fox 5. “They had me walk down the center aisle, walk across the stage just as if I was doing graduation with them.”

And there were plenty of volunteers who snapped photos of the happy graduate with his mom and dad. 

It turned out to be a graduation ceremony that Jerich will never forget — and a reminder – that when folks need a helping hand – you can always count on Americans.