Patriots Fight Back after School Tells Students to Remove Old Glory


By Todd Starnes

Students at Dinwiddie High School in Virginia were ordered on Monday to remove American flags flying from their truck beds.

Daniel Nunnally, Jr., told television station WRIC he was pulled out of class and told to remove not only Old Glory but also the Gadsden flag.

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“I kind of started getting angry because what’s the problem with the American flag,” Daniel told the television station.

Daniel is not the kind of kid to cause trouble, so he did as he was ordered to do — and retired the Stars & Stripes.

Word spread after reporter Parker Slaybaugh posted the story on his Facebook page and the following day more than a dozen students showed up to class with the Star-Spangled Banner proudly flying on their vehicles.

The school district said the flags were removed because of “safety concerns.” They told the television station they feared a student might not be able to see out the rear window. 

So, let me get this straight. The school was worried that a kid might be in danger because of an American flag posted in a pickup truck parked on school property? 

Fortunately, this story has a happy ending. After all the outrage from citizens, the school district decided it was best not to tread on either the American flag or the Gadsden flag. So they reversed the ban. 

So there are a few items I’d like to highlight:

First I want to salute reporter Parker Slaybaugh and the staff  at WRIC. Thanks to their fair and balanced journalism — a wrong was righted.

It’s nice to see some real news instead of fake news.

But most of the credit goes to the good citizens of Dinwiddie County – the gun-toting, Bible-clinging, flag-waving Deplorable Americans – who took a stand.

And as I wrote in my new book – The Deplorables Guide to Making America Great Again – when patriots take a stand — we can make a difference.

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