Pro-Obama Activist Explains Why He’s Voting Republican

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TODD STARNES: [01:26:58] Charlie in North Carolina listening to us on the talk station. Now, Charlie, I understand you are an ex-Democrat, is that right? [01:27:04][6.0]

EX-DEMOCRAT CALLER: [01:27:06] That is correct. I not only elected Democrats, I was a hyper activist who helped Obama get elected the first time, very enthusiastically, the second time holding my nose, not so enthusiastic. And after the fiasco of the rigged primary with who I now call Hitlary Clinton and Bernie Sanders, who I thought I wanted, you know, they stole it from him. But his response to having the primary stolen from him totally disillusioned me and I lived to reexamine my beliefs. And yes, I do agree that the social the Democratic Party, I think it’s been outright infiltrated by the CCP and socialism and communism is not what I really want. And and in that that’s not to say that, you know, the reason I was such a uber activist is because I was anti-war and was very upset with George W Bush for invading Iraq and false pretenses and getting a sense of the, what, 20 year quagmire of of of Afghanistan. So, I mean, I still have those feelings, but the Democrats are not a opposition party. And when I saw the what I disliked about the Republicans are going anti-Trump that that sold me on Trump. And you know, now I’m I’m a reformed Democrat and I’m strongly in the in the Trump camp. And you know that that’s where I stand. [01:28:39][93.8]

TODD STARNES: [01:28:42] Charlie, what about your friends? People that might might have been Democrats? Maybe they still are. Are you able to to sway them over to the Republican way of thinking? [01:28:50][8.3]

EX-DEMOCRAT CALLER: [01:28:52] Uh, you know, they have been so blackballed. I’ve got a daughter that won’t talk to me anymore. Over that. Just because she. Just because I had questions about COVID, the origins of it, and. And. A hesitancy about the vaccination, which I haven’t taken. I have been banished from her life and in fact, all the women in my life, be they friends or relatives or daughters, you know, that are back in Minnesota, they’re so blackballed, I, I can’t even talk to them about it or be banned because I’ve been banned in some cases. And the ones that haven’t banned me, it’s just something I just can’t talk about it. It’s really sad and it really does make me sad. [01:29:37][44.7]

TODD STARNES: [01:29:37] Charlie It’s the brainwashing. I mean, this is this is coming from your public education system, you know, and this idea and if you remember years ago, Obama, when he would talk about Thanksgiving and the holidays, he wanted, he wanted the young Americans, these would have been the young millennials at the time. He wanted them to confront their conservative family members and actually start arguments at the Thanksgiving and the Christmas tables, because, again, this is an effort to divide our families. And I’m so sorry to hear that. But maybe just maybe, they’ll they’ll come around eventually. [01:30:10][32.6]

EX-DEMOCRAT CALLER: [01:30:12] Well, I hope so, because like in I came of age in the seventies, you know, to me, being a liberal Democrat meant, you know, like a somebody should be able to negotiate with a boss for a fair wage, for a fair day’s pay and stuff like that. You know, it didn’t mean transgenderism and, you know, this this reverse racism that we’ve come to with this critical race theory. I mean, it’s just it’s, you know, going from from that mindset, you know, I didn’t leave the Democratic Party. The Democratic Party left me, you know, what it meant to be a liberal then means nothing but what it means to be a liberal now and to be a liberal now is just like I can’t fathom how anybody can’t see what’s going on and still clings to that. It’s just it’s frightening to me. [01:31:00][48.5]

TODD STARNES: [01:31:01] We got to wake up America. And Charlie, appreciate your call and thanks for sharing about your journey. [01:31:07][6.4]


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