Professor Says “God Bless America” is Warmongering Song

By Caleb Parke

“God Bless America” is a “warmongering song” that should not be played at sporting events, according to an Ithaca College professor.

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“In the aftermath of Sept. 11, 2001, the expressions of hyper-patriotism took hold,” Professor Stephen Mosher wrote in an op-ed for The Ithacan, “Irving Berlin’s warmongering song ‘God Bless America’ became our second, unofficial national anthem at the ballpark.”

That song, “God Bless America,” was sung by concertgoers in Las Vegas on Sunday night, led by country duo Big & Rich, just an hour before a shooter opened fire on them.

Mosher told Fox News viewing the tune as a “warmongering song” depends on “one’s political view.” Continue reading at


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