School Board Member Compares Old Glory to Toilet Paper

By Todd Starnes/Twitter

A Chicago-area school board member has stirred up national outrage after she compared the American flag with toilet paper.

“That flag means nothing more than toilet paper to me,” Elgin school board member Traci O’Neal Ellis wrote on her personal Facebook page.

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Ms. O’Neal Ellis also defended National Football League players who have been disrespecting the national anthem and soiling the memory of American military personnel.

“I promise you, I would #TakeAKnee at school board meetings if my doing so would not be disruptive to kids and a distraction to the work we need to do for them,” she wrote.

A concerned citizen sent a copy of the now-deleted post to Jeannette Ward, another school board member.

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“Many patriotic Americans have shed their blood to defend the ideas and ideals America represents” Ward wrote on her Facebook page. “To call it ‘nothing more than toilet paper’ is absolutely despicable and disgusting.”

O’Neal Ellis told the Chicago Tribune she has no regrets comparing Old Glory to a roll of toilet paper.

“My point was to convey the message that the flag doesn’t mean anything to me,” she told the newspaper. “I could’ve said just that and not use the analogy.”

She doubled down on her official school board Facebook page – arguing the flag and the national anthem do not stand for freedom or justice or liberty for black people.

“The freedoms you enjoy and the flag you profess to love so much do not extend to me as a black woman,” she wrote. “They are not my birthright. Yet I demand them anyway, and that demand includes the right not to feel any patriotism towards a piece of cloth and a pledge of allegiance to a country that does not love me back.”

Ms. O’Neal Ellis may not be aware, but an untold number of African-American soldiers and sailors and Airmen gave their lives defending the flag that she likened to toilet paper.

She soiled the memory of the famed Tuskegee Airmen, and Sgt. William Carney, the first African-American Medal of Honor recipient and Doris Miller, the first African-American Navy Cross recipient. They are all American heroes.

Clearly, Ms. O’Neal Ellis is a woman with a troubled soul. It is not my place to determine whether she is infected with racism, bigotry or just run-of-the-mill prejudice. Regardless, this disturbed individual who admittedly holds anti-American beliefs has no business being anywhere around innocent school children.

“To conflate the protest happening in the NFL with disrespect for the flag is disingenuous at its best and downright ignorant at its worst,” she wrote. “Our protests have nothing to do with the flag and everything to do with the right to live and live peacefully without fear of our sons and daughters being killed and their murders sanctioned by our government.”

Ms. O’Neal Ellis has a constitutional right to compare Old Glory to a filthy piece of paper covered in excrement that she wiped from her nether regions.  

But with all due respect, the good people of Elgin have a constitutional right to flush sewage-spewing pinheads like Traci O’Neal Ellis from office. However, due to the sheer volume of excrement flowing from her mouth, voters might need to double-flush.


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