Todd Starnes Show Recap: July 13

The Todd Starnes Show had an all-star line up on Thursday’s show which airs Monday through Friday 12-3 PM EST live on!

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Todd Starnes Monologue: Why do liberals want President Trump dead?

Democrats, is this who you people really are, posting death threats of Steve Scalise and President Trump?

12:10 PM Ray Richardson, Host The Ray Richardson Show on the Lobster Radio Network, WLOB:

Richardson commented on the Maine Democrat legislator who made a profane-laced threat against President Trump on Facebook and later posted an apology. The Representative then threatened a local radio anchor to “cease and desist” for airing his comments.

1:24 PM Kevin Corke, Fox News White House Correspondent:

Kevin Corke commented on covering the Trump White House: “It never gets dull … when you’re fair, you really don’t care when they push back.” “Major, major issue” with the leakers in the White House. “I’ve covered a few administrations … it is stunning, it is shocking, and I think it’s actually dangerous … even if you take out all the politics. … If you destabilize the United States government, you literally can destabilize the entire world … again, apolitical.”

1:34 PM Jim Campbell, Senior counsel with Alliance Defending Freedom, Director of the Center for Cultural Engagement and Scholarship:

Campbell fought back against the assertion that his clients are bigots. “That’s simply not true. They serve everyone … they simply cannot print a message … that conflicts with their faith.”

2:34 PM Guest: Zach Blenkinsopp U.S. Navy veteran and owner of Digital Roofing Innovations

The Veteran and roofing company owner said they’ve been busier than ever after their ad: “Get a roof, get a gun!” “We want to support our community.”