Soldiers Furious After Fort Bragg Bans Unvaccinated Troops From Gym

Soldiers who have not been vaccinated are no longer allowed to work out at Fort Bragg in North Carolina.

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UPDATE 4/11/21: Fort Bragg released the following statement:

We have 14 gyms on Fort Bragg, of which we have dedicated only one, Tucker Gym, to vaccine complete Soldiers and Dependents.  The intent is to provide a safe place for members of our Fort Bragg Community, who otherwise would be hesitant about exercising in a COVID environment, to conduct physical fitness activities.  Many of these folks refuse to work out in our gyms for fear of COVID but now will work out in Tucker Gym.  The other 13 gyms remain open, with occupancy and some COVID activity restrictions, to Soldiers and Dependents no matter their vaccination status.

We are careful to inform all Soldiers, DA Civilians, Contractors, and Beneficiaries that receiving the vaccination is completely voluntary.  None of our efforts are designed to punish those who choose to opt-out of the vaccination.  However, it is important to bring a sense of normalcy back to our Soldiers, for their mental, physical, and personal wellbeing.  The research and studies support the efficacy of the vaccine and we want to build trust in the vaccine while providing our Community a safe place to work and live.


Soldiers who have not been vaccinated are no longer allowed to work out in a gym at Fort Bragg in North Carolina.

Several Todd Starnes Radio Show listeners sent me photographs of warning messages posted outside the Tucker Performance Enhancement Center.

“Attention! You must have had your second shot on/or before March 21 to enter this facility,” read a message posted on an erase board. “Original vaccination card presented prior to entry.”

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A second message was posted on a placard telling soldiers to stop.

“Tucker Performance Enhancement Center is now open to vaccinated Department of Defense ID cardholders only,” the statement read. “Must present fully vaccinated card prior to entry. Card must have both vaccination dates with second vaccination received at least 14 days prior to today.”

The soldiers, who asked to remain anonymous, said the new regulations have caused big problems.

“They are rightfully upset/mad about it and it is destroying morale,” one soldier told me.

Another soldier pointed out there is no policy requiring the vaccine so the Pentagon is intentionally preventing them from working out based solely on “some general’s personal preference and political agendas.”

“For the most part we all feel frustrated but helpless at the same time,” the soldier said. “This is supposed to be a non-mandatory vaccine, yet someone has taken it upon themselves to now tell us that we can’t use the workout equipment which has been provided to us all by taxpayer dollars unless we have this vaccine.”

The reason why troops are frustrated is that they haven’t been able to use the gym for nearly a year because of the China Virus restrictions.

“They tell us it’s not mandatory, yet at the same time are starting to restrict us based on our vaccination status and make those who do get vaccinated turn in a copy of their record to our commands,” the soldier said.

Heaven forbid the United States gets pulled into an armed conflict. The Biden Administration would prevent most of our troops from fighting unless they have a vaccine card.

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