Spiritual Splinters

By Lori Brown

“Be still, and know that I am God…” Psalm 46:10a

I’m afraid that my church has become harmful to my health. On a recent Sunday morning, I had to run to the balcony to deliver music to the sound guy. As I grabbed the solid wood railing, I felt something sharp slide into my palm. I had a splinter. A good old-fashioned splinter that was quite painful.

Because we were only two minutes away from starting the worship service, I decided to do quick hand surgery to relieve the pain and to focus on the opening worship songs of praise.

Splinter removal was not on my “to do” list for that Sunday morning, but the brief moment of pain served to settle and slow me down; something that rarely happens in my busy, “got to make a list” world.

Do you ever think that you’re so rushed and hurried to get things done that you never have the time to slow down, catch your breath, prop up the feet, and be quiet? Or do you ever find yourself thinking, “I’m just tired and overwhelmed?”

If you feel that way, then you’re in good company because Jesus often felt that way. After busy days of preaching, teaching, and healing people, he had to find the time to get away, be still, and be silent before his father God. Stillness refreshed him for future ministry. In other words, Jesus recognized that his fatigue was a spiritual splinter that required him to stop, recharge and refocus. We all need time to recharge so that we are better equipped to hear from and serve the Lord. Consider taking time today to let the splinter of fatigue or worry stop you so that God can refresh you.

Prayer: Dear God, help us remember that you give rest to the weary and wisdom to the overwhelmed.

Dr. Lori Brown is a southern educator and writer. You can follow more of her devotions and weekly inspirations on Facebook.

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