Starnes: Carryn Owens is the wife of an American hero

By Todd Starnes

Anybody who attacks a Gold Star family is a steaming pile of human garbage.

Can we all agree on that?

On Tuesday night President Trump paid tribute to Carryn Owens – the widow of Navy Seal Ryan Owens.

It was a uniquely American moment – as Republicans and Democrats stood together and thunderously applauded the sacrifice of this brave young hero.

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But we all know how much liberals loathe the military – and within minutes they were scampering out of their dark corners like cockroaches condemning the president and Mrs. Owens.

A former Hillary Clinton volunteer said she was clapping like an idiot.

One of those yammering hens on The View accused the president of exploiting Mrs. Owens.

Meanwhile, MSNBC gave air time to a cavalcade of cowards and sleazeballs – Michael Moore and Bill Maher – said the widow allowed herself to be used as a presidential prop.

But Carryn Owens is no presidential prop. She is the wife of an American hero.

And if liberals like Michael Moore and Bill Maher can’t muster the decency to respect that – maybe they oughta take a cue from Tyler Perry’s Madea – and put the shut to the up.

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