STARNES: Who’s Willing to Stand Up to the Terrorists Ripping Down Statues?

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Hello Americans, I’m Todd Starnes. Stand by for news and commentary next. 

Teddy Roosevelt was a great American warrior – but he was not strong enough to fight off an angry mob of culture jihadists. 

For more than 80 years an iconic statue of our 26th president stood outside the Museum of Natural History in New York City. 

And of course it played a prominent role in the great movie “Night at the Museum.”

The Rough Rider on horseback flanked by an African man and a Native American. Critics say the statue glorified colonialism and racism. 

So in the dark of night — it was taken down by hired goons doing the bidding of the culture terrorists.

I wrote a book about this – “Culture Jihad: How to Stop the Left From Killing a Nation.”

Throughout history – the jihadists would always destroy the culture of the countries they invaded. Most recently in Afghanistan where Buddha statues were literally turned into rubble. 

The same thing has been happening in this country – statues and monuments destroyed. Books banned. Music and Films censored. All in the name of tolerance. 

And if we do not intervene – the culture jihadists will turn our nation’s history into a pile of rubble. 

I’m Todd Starnes