Sweet Love Notes

By Linda Gilden

“I have loved you with an everlasting love; I have drawn you with unfailing kindness.” Jeremiah 31:3 NIV

I am a note writer. Recently I was out shopping and spied some cute note cards in a decorative box. Knowing they would come in handy, I purchased them and put them on my desk so it was convenient to write a note at any time.

Last time the family had dinner together at my house, our five-year-old disappeared. She was gone for a while and then reappeared. She went from person to person handing each one a brightly colored and sealed envelope. Every envelope contained a message— “I love you” written in the sweet, cramped together handwriting of one just learning to form the letters.

It didn’t take her long to write the notes but the response from everyone who received them was enormous. Just realizing the initiative she took to write notes for everyone was exciting.

Later I went to my desk to write a note, I looked through the box. Many of them had been “written” upon. But instead of thinking that someone was wasting my stationary, I smiled. By example I had been passing along the art of note writing. And it is so important to hear from those who care about you.

I receive a love note every day when I have my quiet time. Writers recorded God’s words to us so we could “hear” His voice. Over and over He tells us how much He loves us. Do you start your day with a love note from God? If not, give it a try. His words of love will echo in your mind all day long.

Lord, thank you for the love you show us through your Word.

Linda Gilden is a busy writer who tries to look for the important things each day. She loves to find God’s gifts hidden among worldly distractions. Linda is the mother of three children and three children-in-love and grandmother of six of the cutest children ever.  www.lindagilden.com.

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