Texas Soccer Fans Boo as Players Take Knee During National Anthem

A player for FC Dallas, a Major League Soccer team, told reporters that he was disgusted after fans booed his team after players took a knee during the national anthem before a game Wednesday in Frisco, Texas.


“You can’t even have support from your own fans in your own stadium,” Reggie Cannon, a defender for the team told ESPN after the game.  “It’s baffling to me.”

So Cannon is essentially saying he has the right to make a political statement but fans cannot make their own.

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Fans at Toyota Stadium were likely tired of the public displays of wokeness that is a constant reminder of all that ails society. Sports, which have traditionally offered respite, is now an extension of politics.


The death of George Floyd in police custody in May dramatically changed the narrative when it comes to players kneeling during the anthem. Colin Kaepernick, the former NFL quarterback, started the trend, but it was far from universally accepted. In today’s climate, the player who refuses to kneel is the one mocked and forced to explain his actions during post-game interviews.

Cannon said that players requested that the anthem not be played at all, but MLS declined the request. CBS Sports reported that Cannon said it didn’t feel right to play the song given the social unrest in the country.

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Soccer players appear to be the most recent social-justice warriors. ESPN reported that Floyd’s death sparked players in the league to form a group called Black Players for Change. The report also pointed out that members of the group stood with their fists raised for over eight minutes during the opening game to honor Floyd’s memory and make a statement.

“We had someone chanting U.S.A., but they don’t understand what kneeling means,” Cannon told CBS Sports. “They don’t understand why we’re kneeling. They can’t see the reason. They think we’re the ignorant ones. It’s incredibly frustrating. I’m sorry to have this tone, but you have to call it for what it is.”

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