The Flood Cannot Destroy the Spirit of America

By Todd Starnes/Twitter

Sometimes it takes something catastrophic to bring Americans back together – to remind us we don’t have to be divided by our politics or the color of our skin.

As we learned in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey, the flood waters did not discriminate.

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The dirty brown deluge submerged beautiful mansions on tree-lined avenues as well as rundown houses in the inner city. The wealthy shared rescue boats with those on welfare.

But in the face of great suffering – black and white and brown Texans pulled each other from the waters.

There was the black law enforcement officer trudging through murky water saving two white children and the white fisherman lifting an elderly black woman into his fishing boat.

One of my readers sent me a Facebook video posted by Jim McIngvale, the owner of Gallery Furniture in Houston.

Mr. McIngvale told locals if they needed a place to spend the night – just come on down to his furniture store.

“We have lots of beds, we have lots of food, lots of water and you can even bring your pets,” he said.

Louisiana’s Cajun Navy, an all-volunteer armada, showed up in shallow water outboards and air boats – more than 150 strong.

“Hang on, Houston – the Cajun Navy is on the way,” spokesperson Katie Pechon told me. “This is not a government operation – we are all volunteer citizens.

Southern Baptists arrived to feed the hungry armed with giant cast iron skillets – filling bellies with meals – home-cooked with a dash of tender love and care.

And deputies in Liberty County even helped lead a cattle drive – down Highway 90 – making sure the livestock had safe refuge. You can watch the video on ToddStarnes.com.

Those are the stories and the images and the sounds that we should remember from Hurricane Harvey. Those are the moments that demonstrate the true heartbeat of the home of the brave.

Yes – it’s true the great storm washed away homes and belongings – but there was one thing the floodwaters could not destroy — the spirit of this great nation.


Hang On, Houston! The Cajun Navy is on the Way!

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