The Freckle Factor

By Linda Gilden

 Indeed, the very hairs of your head are all numbered. Luke 12:7a NIV

I love a clean bathroom so I try to get every little bit of dirt off our faux marble shower.

When we first got this shower there was one small blotch of color I always mistook for dirt. Even when I had gone over every inch of the floor I went back and double checked that spot.

But it’s not that way any more. I clean the shower quickly and thoroughly. I know where little veins of color are because this is my shower and I am familiar with it.

I am that familiar with my children too—what they like to eat, how long it takes them to go to sleep each night, and where each mole and freckle are.  They are all fearfully and wonderfully made and I love everything about them (well, most everything!). If I discover a new freckle or mole, I make note of it.

God knows His children just that way. Even though he has millions of children, He knows where every freckle is. He knows each hair on their heads and they are all numbered.

If God knows you that well—He knows each hair, each freckle, and each perfection and imperfection—doesn’t that make you want to know Him more intimately? The more we know about each other, the deeper our relationship can be.

Father, thank you for continuing to love each of us as if we were the best of your creations. Help us to continue our quest to know you intimately.

Linda Gilden, an award-winning author of several dozen books, speaker, and communicator and personality trainer, loves the “freckle factor” of her children. And, she is thankful God knows the “freckle factor” of His children. Visit her at