The Last Time the Cubs Won the World Series Blackberry was a Pie


By Todd Starnes

The last time the Chicago Cubs won the World Series blackberry was a pie and Twitter was something a bird did.

The year was 1908.

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Taft was president. The Suffragettes were still suffraging and there were only 46 stars spangled on the red, white and blue.

Devoted Cubs fans persevered through generations of disappointments – holding out hope that one day their team would emerge from Major League baseball’s wilderness.

 Tonight, 108 years later, the Cubs are finally getting another crack at a world championship.

The Cleveland Indians will host the Cubs in Game One of the World Series, tonight on Fox.

It’s a World Series match-up for the ages and when it’s all said and done, either the longest or second-longest World Series drought will have ended.

It’s been 68 years since the Indians won the title.


That was the year that Dewey beat Truman. Well that’s what the Chicago Daily Tribune said. Then again, you really can’t believe anything you read in the papers.

All that to say, tonight’s World Series game has been a long time coming for the Cubs and the Indians and their long suffering fans.

They say there’s no crying in baseball – but I suspect there may be a few misty eyes in the stands when the umpire yells play ball.