Todd Starnes DISMANTLES Socialism in a Fiery 60-Second Explanation

Conservative commentator Todd Starnes effortlessly destroyed socialism while concisely explaining how big-government bullies are “determined to attack free speech, freedom of religion, and the Second Amendment.”

“Socialism is trying to take hold of our country,” Starnes told The Eric Metaxas Radio Show.

“You cannot have a Socialist regime if you have free speech,” he said, adding that Socialists want to prohibit dissenting opinions.

“And then you have to neutralize the churches,” he continued. “Many pastors across the country do not even want to talk about those hot button issues from the pulpit because they do not want to offend anybody.”

Author of “Culture Jihad: How to Stop the Left from Killing a Nation,” Starnes says Socialists are also coming for the Second Amendment. “You can’t take over a country where the population is armed — which I believe is why they are trying to disarm the American people.”

Starnes says our Founding Fathers prioritized religion as America’s most important freedom. He believes if we lose the ability to worship freely, our other freedoms will fall like dominos.

Socialism is “about man, not God,” Starnes said. The Left is trying to remove Christianity from the public marketplace, he said.

As president of Starnes Media Group, he frequently describes how the push for big government “is coming from the public schools.”

“Moms and dads aren’t having conversations about Socialism around the dinner table,” Starnes stated while describing how intolerant liberals “have turned our public school system into an indoctrination center.”

Starnes believes it’s up to Christians and conservatives to take a stand against Socialism, without adopting the Left’s mob-like tactics. “We have to take a stand … we have to do so in a winsome way.”

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