Todd Starnes Show Recap: July 11

The Todd Starnes Show had an all-star line up on Tuesday’s show which airs Monday through Friday 12-3 PM EST live on toddstarnes.com!

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12:08 PM Jay Sekulow, President Trump’s attorney and the Chief Counsel for the American Center for Law & Justice:

Sekulow blasted Hillary Clinton’s former running mate Tim Kaine for asserting Donald Trump Jr. may have committed treason: “To call this treason is absurd…what’s missing is criminality.” The President’s lawyer also pointed out how troubling it is that Comey leaked illegal documents in order to get a special counsel appointed. 

12:40 PM Spencer Brown, Spokesman for the Young America’s Foundation:

Brown says schools are allowing violence against conservative students from the Left, but all they want is their constitutional right to freedom of speech and assembly on campus.

1:20 PM Joy Villa, singer, songwriter, and Trump supporter:

“Trump got me involved in politics.” Villa got death threats for wearing a pro-Trump dress. It wasn’t anti-anything. They’re attacking his supporters. It’s disgusting. I’m appalled by it. “We want to combat the violence and hate” against Trump. Villa talked about her visit to the White House, getting to meet Kellyanne Conway and Ivanka Trump. 

Joy Villa has a new song that released July 4th called “Make America Great Again.”

1:36 PM Congressman Mo Brooks (R-AL):

Rep. Brooks of Alabama is willing to shut down the government by reading the King James Bible if the Senate doesn’t fund President Trump’s border wall.

2:40 PM Louie Giglio, Pastor of Passion City Church in Atlanta, Georgia:

Giglio shared about his own personal struggles with anxiety and depression and how we all have giants to face in our lives about his new book, “Goliath Must Fall.”



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