Todd Starnes Show Recap: July 21

The Todd Starnes Show had an all-star line up on Friday’s show which airs Monday through Friday 12-3 PM EST live on!

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12:10 PM Kevin Corke, Fox News White House Correspondent

Sean Spicer resigned as protest over Anthony Scaramucci appointed to Communications Director:

“It’s a curious decision, and I think I understand why Sean Spicer” resigned. “I think [Spicer as Press Secretary] was a Reince Priebus move,” Corke said.

12:30 PM Shannon Vavra, News Desk Reporter @AxiosThe Democratic Leanings of Bob Mueller’s Team:

Vavra on Mueller’s team: “Most of them have donated to Democrats…” Read her story at

2:10 PM Dana Perino, Fox News Host and Former White House Press Secretary:

“It has changed a lot…and this president has a …Sean did his best while he could…He made his case…that was probably the best decision he could make. It sounds like he’ll continue to be a supporter and defender of the president.”

On Scaramucci: “I see him around [Fox News], and he’s always super nice.”