USA Today: “Whites Killed MLK”


By Todd Starnes

USA Today commemorated Martin Luther King, Jr. Day by publishing an ugly, racially-tinged column accusing white people of murdering MLK.

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“Whites killed MLK. Now we honor him,” read the headline. “Centuries of kidnapping, torture, murder, rape. What white person can understand black lives? Not me.”

The screed was written by Oliver Thomas, a member of USA Today’s Board of contributors. You can read this stinking pile of garbage by clicking here. 

“So we killed him. Not me, of course. I’m not a racist. But Who thinks he is,” Thomas wrote.

Thomas identifies himself as a minister, lawyer and white man. And he seems pretty torn up by the color of his skin.

“No white person understands the black experience. Not Bill Clinton. Not Bernie Sanders. Not me. Not anybody. We can’t understand the black experience any more than I can understand how it feels to be a woman,” he wrote.

For the record, a man named James Earl Ray killed MLK — not white people. And to suggest otherwise is downright offensive.

I’m not a doctor, but it appears the good reverend has a raging case of white guilt.