VIDEO: Barbecue Pit Master Arrested For Opening Up His BBQ Joint

Adam Skelly, owner of Adamson Barbecue, in Toronto, was arrested Thursday, November 26, 2020, for trying to open his restaurant.

Video shows the Toronto Police surrounded the building and there was a giant crowd of hungry customers to meet them.

According to Fox News, this wasn’t the first time that Skelly has tried to reopen this week. He opened his doors on Monday and Tuesday but the public health department shut it down again Tuesday evening.

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That however didn’t stop Skelly and he came to open his business again on Wednesday.

Officials then decided to change the locks on Thursday in order to prevent the reopening of Adamson Barbecue.

Skelly showed up once more to try to get into his restaurant but was arrested. According to Fox News again, “[h]e faces numerous charges, including trespassing, obstructing police and defying provincial COVID-19 restrictions, among others,”.

Below are clips from Thursday of customers trying to demand they get in to the restaurant.

CAUTION: The Following Clips May Contain Strong Language