Waiting for the Tide’s Return

By Karen Whiting 

Wait for the Lord. Be strong and let your heart take courage; yes, wait for the Lord. ~ Psalm 27:14 NASB

Standing on the beach at low tide, my feet burned beneath me on hot, dry sand. I thought how I felt like the sand, dried up and thirsting for the touch of refreshing waters but wondering when the tide would ever return. Yet with timed accuracy, the tide returned and water started licking my feet and then splashing me with rolling waves.

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At times I feel like I am waiting spiritually for the return of the tide of joy. God responds to needs with a divine accuracy of perfect timing. The hot, dessert times help me appreciate God more fully and rejoice when I once again feel the splash of joy of God’s love fill my heart.

The moon’s gravity pulls on the waters to cause the low tides, the ebbing away of the waters from the shore. It’s an unseen force that continues to tug at the earth’s shores. In my life there are constant forces that pull me away from God. He never changes and continues to be available.

I watched the wind blow dry sand away and realized I am the one who gets pulled and blown away. My daily life is full of worldly stress: my family, church, and activities play tug of war for my time, ebbing away my energy. Resisting the pulls of the world and waiting, then soaking in God’s word, and allowing His presence to surround me, refreshes me. 

I learn to trust, as the psalmist did, in times of waiting, that God will respond and pour out His blessings upon me as the ocean pours out waters upon the sands. It takes a strong heart to be steadfast in trust and wait for God’s timing.

Prayer:  Help me Lord to wait for your timing.

Karen Whiting is an international speaker, former television host, and author of twenty-five books including 52 Weekly Devotions for Busy Families and Girl Talk Guy Talk. Visit her at www.karenwhiting.com.

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