WATCH: Lifelong Democrat Praises Trump at Ohio Rally

Gino DiFabio, an Ohio voter who voted Republican for the first time ever, was invited on stage at President Donald Trump’s “Make America Great Again” rally in Ohio.

DiFabio said he had three things to tell President Trump that he’d thought about if he ever had the chance to meet him.

1. “Sir, like I said, thank you for Justice Gorsuch on the Supreme Court. Right? That started it all.”

2. “And then, I apologize, I said, ‘Mr. President, thank you for Melania.’ Could we have a better – could we have a more outstanding First Lady? I’m probably going to be in trouble with my wife, but God bless that woman. 

3. “Thank you, sir, for keeping your promises that you made to these 12,000 people and the country! And my recommendation, sir, look what you can do in the bastion of the Democratic Party. I don’t think that there’s anybody except Cuyahoga County, that’s more Democratic voters than us. Look what you can draw. I’d go back to Washington. I’d tell the Republicans and Democrats, look, I’m going to go do my rallies, you got the agenda. Those people are voting for me and mine. Do what you want. Pass my agenda, or we’re going on the road.”

The lifelong Democrat-turned Trump supporter wore a “Trump Won – Deal With It” shirt while he repeatedly thanked the president and gave his advice to the Commander-in-Chief.