WATCH: Volleyball Player Steps up when National Anthem Recording Fails

By Staff

A Texas high school volleyball player demonstrated her patriotism the other night when a recording of the national anthem failed to play.

So Marina Garcia grabbed a microphone and belted out a rendition that has since gone viral. 

“We were about to stand for the national anthem as we noticed that the CD wasn’t working,” Garcia told television KSAT. “I didn’t feel nervous. I felt like excited because I get to sing.”

The gymnasium was filled with cheers from parents and students. 

“I honestly couldn’t ask for more. They all had smiles on their faces. Some of them teared up. Some of them had told me that they had the chills and just that feeling that I can give to people that emotion, that was so exciting,” she told the television station.

Her performance was made all the more special in light of professional athletes disrespecting the national anthem — and our nation. 

“I have family members that were in the military that fought for freedom and just to see other people that don’t understand that is kind of offending to me but I understand it’s their opinion,”

Marina Garcia, of San Antonio, is an American patriot!