Weighing the Wants

By Lori Brown

“The LORD is my shepherd; I shall not want.” Psalm 23:1

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Have you ever been in line at the grocery store, waiting to pay, only to hear a small voice behind you crying out, “But mom, I want that!” I’m sure you know what I’m talking about. The young child who has patiently waited for mom or dad to pick up the weekly groceries suddenly finds all kinds of treats and wonders at the checkout line that he/she just cannot live without.

Although I’m a “mature” woman in her 40’s, I sometimes think that I’m still in that young child, grocery store mentality. I kind of wander through life comparing my experiences to everyone else on Facebook, Twitter, or in my community. All of these other people seem to live more exciting lives than the one I’m experiencing.

They travel to more exotic locations, drive fancier cars, have a much better social life, seem to have the best relationships, and want for nothing. Their lives, compared to the hurts, aches and struggles I sometimes face, seem glamorous and better. So, like the child in the grocery store aisle, I yell out, “But God, I NEED this!!!! I need this better life. I need more money. I need more friends. I need, I need, I need.”

And God, in his very quiet, patient voice seems to whisper back to me, “My child, all you need right now is me. I will supply what you need, when you need it. What you think you need may not be good for you.”

Let me encourage you to join me in learning to rest in God alone, and then step back and watch him provide the rest.

Prayer: Dear God, give me the courage to weigh my wants against what you want for me.

Dr. Lori Brown is a southern educator and writer. You can follow more of her devotions and weekly inspirations on Facebook.

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