What Kind of a Nation Would Kill a Baby in His Mother’s Arms?

By Todd Starnes/Twitter

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Charlie Gard is eleven months old. He has a rare brain disease.

There is a chance that his life could be saved — at a hospital in America — a hospital that could provide an experimental treatment.

Charlie’s mom and dad raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for the journey.

But the British courts said no — a judge ruled that doctors could take the little boy off life support without parental consent. The doctors say there is no hope. And they say the boy’s parents have no right to determine his fate. 

Charlie’s mom and dad are devastated. 

The European Court of Human Rights declined to hear the case — in essence handing down a death sentence. It’s ironic that a court that oversees Human Rights – does not believe Charlie Gard has a human right to live.

They do not believe that Charlie’s mom and dad have a right to decide what is best for their child. The court believes the responsibility rests with the doctors in white coats. And the doctors believe that it would be in Charlie’s best interest if he simply died.

The pope has tried to intervene — so has President Trump — urging the British government to have mercy. But so far — their pleadings have fallen on deaf ears.

So as it now stands – Charlie Gard could very well be dead before his first birthday – sentenced to death by the British government — because doctor’s believe that’s what’s best.

This is what socialized medicine looks likes. This is what a death panel looks like. It is a clear and present danger to the British people and soon it will be a clear and present danger to our nation. 

This is why Republicans must repeal Obamacare. This is why they must embolden themselves and stand erect like red-blooded Americans and do the right thing.  Otherwise – the next Charlie Gard could be an American child.

Charlie’s mom and dad demanded to know what sort of nation has a right to extinguish the life of their child. It’s a fair question. What sort of nation would deprive a child of liberty?

But who are we – on this side of the pond – to throw stones? We are a nation that has deprived liberty and life to tens of millions of unborn babies.


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