Who Raised the “Gay Pride” Flag at Wheaton College?

There’s a controversy brewing at one of the nation’s most prominent Christian colleges. It seems someone posted a gay pride flag in the dining hall at Wheaton College

The mother of a Wheaton student sent me a photograph — which I’ve posted below.

“When the gay pride flag flies at your Christian college, it is a direct attack on the Word of God, It’s shameful,” the parent told me.

She asked that she not be identified and I’ve obliged. 

“Wheaton has compromised with truth long ago, and fears the wrath of media and gay students more than they fear the Lord God,” she said. 

Wheaton College released a statement admitting that someone had posted the gay pride flag without permission – but it has since been taken down. 

“The flag, which had been placed among a display of international flags that hang throughout the dining hall, was immediately removed from the display,” the statement read. 

There’s no word on how long the flag had been posted, but the mom who contacted me said students who believe in traditional values are afraid to speak out — lest they offend activists. 

“Whether or not the raising of the flag was approved, this is how afraid these kids are of seeming like bigots or homophobes,” the mom told me. “That have learned well that blatantly standing for truth is not well received there on this issue.”

“The real important issue is the subtle and not so subtle silencing of those who believe in the objective truths of God’s Word,” she added. “When the flagship school of evangelicalism sends the message that to do so is hateful or unkind, we are in deep trouble. And we are.”