Why is Facebook Purging Catholic Fan Pages?

By Todd Starnes/Twitter

As many as two dozen Catholic Facebook pages have been blocked – impacting millions of followers, according to several Catholic news organizations.

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Most of the blocked pages are based in Brazil and four are English-language pages with followers in the millions, Catholic News Agency reports.

One of the blocked pages is “Jesus and Mary” with 1.7 million followers. The page administrator said he was notified by Facebook that he had violated some sort of Facebook policy.

Other pages that were blocked include “Father Rocky,” “Holy Mary Mother of God,” and a Portuguese-language Pope Francis page that had 3.8 million likes. 

“It is extremely heartbreaking,” Kenneth Alimba told ChurchPOP. “It’s too horrible.”

Alimba was the owner of the “Catholic and Proud” Facebook page — with more than 6 million likes. It was removed from Facebook without explanation. 

Godwin Adadzie, a popular Catholic blogger, told ChurchPOP that his page was targeted, too.

“This page is the joy of my apologetics ministry online. It is like the digital heartbeat of my ministry,” he said. 

So why is Facebook purging so many Catholic Facebook pages? Well, no one can seem to get an answer.

You might recall that Facebook has a dark history of blocking Conservative and Christian pages. 

And your friendly neighborhood commentator was blocked for running afoul of Facebook’s community standards. 

I wrote that I was sipping a glass of sweet tea and wearing an NRA ball cap while listening to gospel music. 

Let’s hope people of faith stand alongside the Catholics as they try to persuade Mark Zuckerberg to reinstate their pages — because one day – Facebook might shut down the Baptist pages or the Lutheran pages. 


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