Woman Converts to GOP After 45 Years Voting Democrat

A caller to the Todd Starnes Show announced that after voting for Democrats for more than 45 years she had decided to switch political parties and vote for President Trump. Listen above to the full interview. It’s a hoot! Following is a transcript of Todd’s interview and click here to get Todd’s free daily newsletter filled with conservative news.

TODD: All right, as promised, let’s get right to the telephone lines. Let’s say hello to Catherine in Massachusetts.

CALLER: I was a Democrat for over 45 years, and I changed to Donald Trump. And I’m going to vote for Donald Trump again.

TODD: Catherine, I am curious about your conversion to the Republican way of life. Can you can you walk me through that? Why did you decide to vote for a Republican?

CALLER: Okay, I’m very much into politics. And I loved watching the debates, and I just did not like – I have a gut feeling and that feeling always seems to be right. But when I was listening to Joe Biden at the debate with Trump and kind of a sitting president, a clown into shut up, I thought that was so rude from a person who said, look at his character, meaning he was. He would have had better back character. But I found that to be so rude. And then when I saw Nancy Pelosi tearing up the state of the Union address while Trump was giving this speech, I’m just I know me because I’m old school, but I found that so disrespectful and I did not like and this comes up to current state, uh, the border situation.

You know, I think Americans are very compassionate, there’s no doubt about that. But, you know, legal entry, you have control. Illegal is out of control. And not to even mention the diseases that must be coming up, I mean, and the cost. And when we have vets who serve this country. Living on the streets. I mean, that’s just not. I just can’t accept that. So I’m all good judgment. I could not vote for Joe Biden. And I think he’s a pathetic liar, to be honest with you. I hate to say that about the president of the United States, but, you know, people can say also with Trump, oh, so is this a he’s got such a big mouth. Well, you know what? Trump shows his true colors. Joe Biden does not. Joe Biden is the great pretender. He comes across like he he’s going to bring us all together.

Well, I’ve been a Democrat all my life, and I’ve had people attack me for the first time that I turn to Republican, and he allows those people to do that because he’s calling Republicans a threat to democracy, House terrorists. I think those names are not going to bring people together. I don’t think you need education to realize that. And I’m just so against Joe Biden. It hurts me to say that because I think I said I was a Democrat all my life, but my country comes before party, and I’d like what Donald Trump did for this country, I really did.

TODD: [01:38:20] Well, Katherine on this radio program, we love to celebrate when a Democrat converts to the Republican way of life. And we’ve got to celebrate that. Can I get an amen? Hallelujah!

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