Antifa Attacks Preacher, Throws Bible in Toilet

An evangelist from Seattle was allegedly assaulted by Antifa, but he was the one who got arrested.

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Leftists destroyed Matthew Meinecke’s Bibles, tore up pages, kicked them around, and even threw one into a public toilet, according to Bill Kay, the executive director for Center for Religious Expression.

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“He simply reads from the Bible. He’s not an aggressive evangelist,” Kay told host Todd Starnes. “He was assaulted…in one case at an abortion rally, and in another case at a pride rally…He was the victim, but the Seattle Police Department, when they came out…he was actually the one who was arrested.

Meinecke, represented by CRE, is suing the city of Seattle now so it doesn’t happen again.

“He was the victim of assault and he was the one who was arrested by the police,” Kay explained, noting that the police said he was a “risk to public safety.”

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But it was other people who were yelling at him, screaming, and harassing him, according to video footage captured by journalist Jonathan Choe.

Police arrested him but never charged him with an actual crime.

“Unfortunately, because of the political pressure especially in a city like Seattle, what we see is the city administration and the police administration are much more likely to arrest someone like Matthew Meinecke for exercising his constitutional rights,” Kay said.

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“There are completely nude men and women walking around with small children…it is crazy what the city and police will allow to happen. They don’t enforce any indecency laws and yet they will go after our client,” Kay said.

“You can parade around buck-naked here in Seattle, but you can’t read the Bible in public,” Starnes said. “What an insane story.”

CRE, a non-profit law firm that mostly represents Christians who have had their religious freedoms violated, has seen an uptick in cases since the Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization that overturned Roe v. Wade.


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