Antifa Fails to Stop Jordan Peterson Event

The Marxist-anarchist group Antifa gathered to try to shut down an event held by author and speaker Dr. Jordan Peterson in Boston on Thursday, standing across the street from the venue and calling his message “misogynistic” and “bigoted.”

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However, Antifa failed to stop the event, and Peterson tweeted afterward, “it went great. So good to see so many people aiming up in their personal and social lives. Thanks Boston.”

According to the Post Millennial, some of the Antifa groups present included members of the Bay State Solidarity Front and Black Mast Antifa, self-described “anti-fascist collectives.” 

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Bay State Solidarity Front tweeted “tonight was a good night for Boston antifascists! Antifascists gathered across the street from the Jordan B Peterson event, letting him know that Boston has zero tolerance for misogynistic right-wing grifters. Love goes out to all the antifascists who joined us tonight.” Read more at Newsmax.

Is Antifa really anti-fascist?