BIDEN: ‘Christ, They’re Going After Mickey Mouse’

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While most Americans struggled to buy groceries and gas, President Biden was hobnobbing at a high-dollar fund raiser at the Portland Yacht Club. 

No cameras allowed – but transcripts of his speech were leaked to the media. 

He specifically attacked Florida Republicans for passing legislation that protected parental rights in education. 

Biden then used a profane reference to God — as he accused Republicans of going after Mickey Mouse.

There’s virtually no Republican support. My — as my colleagues can tell you — and, by the way, I’ve been a guy who’s not been one of these guys suggesting Democrats are always bad. I mean that sincerely.

And I had a reputation — I think my colleagues would tell you — in the Senate of putting these things together, Democrats and Republicans.

But what’s happened is that there are a number of Republicans who know better, but they’re afraid. I know — I won’t ask for names, but I’m sure my colleagues can tell you from the Senate at least six United States senators have come to me and said, “I know — I know I should vote for this, Joe. But if I do, they’ll primary me and I’ll be out.” It’s not very courageous, but this — the Far Right has taken over that party.

And it’s not even conservative in a traditional sense of conservative. It’s mean. It’s ugly. It’s the way — look what’s happening down in Florida. (Inaudible), they’re going after Mickey Mouse. (Laughter.) (Inaudible.) I mean, seriously, think about it. As my friend used to say (inaudible), “Who woulda thunk it?” (Laughter.)


Hardly the sort of language one would expect coming from a man who professes to be a practicing Catholic. 

The media wants you to think of President Biden as a lovable uncle who blurts out the occasional bad word and is sometimes overly touchy.

But in reality – he’s a creepy old man who once called family-friendly Christians “forces of intolerance” who believe in traditional marriage – the dregs of society. 

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Is Biden an anti-Christian bigot?

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