Biden: We’re Gonna Build Giant Windmills With ‘100-Yard Wingspans’


President Biden tied the recent Colorado wildfires to “a change in the weather” and consoled survivors by telling them he plans on building giant windmills with 100-yard wingspans. What does he think those windmills are going to do — blow out the fires? Watch below. Click here to sign up for my free newsletter to make sure you are never censored by Facebook or Twitter.

And, you know, we can’t ignore the reality that these fires are being supercharged.  They’re being supercharged by a change in the weather. 

Not very far from here, I was — as I was riding out with the governor, I was saying, “Gov, this all looks familiar.  I’ve passed over that cemetery.  I’ve passed over that area before.”  It was on my way up to the facility that is one of the most advanced facility that is one of the most advanced facilities in the country — in not the country, maybe in the world — to find alternatives to fossil fuels. 

You’ve got — by the way, if you’re ever able to see it, we’re going to have windmills, you can — that you’re going to see that have 100-yard wingspans each — each propeller on that — on that windmill, 100 yards long.  So, there’s so much that is going to be able to be done.

And, you know, I — when I visited the National reviewable [sic] Lab- — Renewable Lab — Energy Lab — about 20 miles — I said — from here — it’s — it’s also good to create a significant number of jobs. 

The reason I’m telling you this is that’s no solace that you lost your home now, but it’s that we’re going to be able to do a lot of renewable things that allow you to not only rebuild, but afford to rebuild and rebuild better — to build back better than it was before.  And it includes billions of dollars for wildfire preparedness, resilience, and response to protect homes and public resources.

And, folks, there’s going to be a lot of good jobs we can create.  And there’s going to — we’re going to do — by acting boldly.

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