BULLETIN: Los Angeles to Implement Mask Mandate

Los Angeles County is set to implement a mask mandate once again, ABC 7 reports.

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Barbara Ferrer, the public health director in LA county, said Thursday the COVID threshold reached the “high” category setting up for a universal indoor mandate to take effect July 29.

“I do recognize that when we return to universal indoor masking to reduce high spread, for many this will feel like a step backwards,” Ferrer said, adding that it “makes a lot of sense because it helps us to reduce risk.”


Los Angeles is already requiring masks in several places — including healthcare facilities, transit hubs, and shelters — but the universal mandate would require them at restaurants, schools, and stores.

National radio host Todd Starnes is urging citizens to take a stand.

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“The citizens of California need to push back and push back hard,” said Starnes. “Every person in Los Angeles County should refuse to comply.”

“If the virus really is that dangerous and that contagious, why are they waiting two weeks to implement the mask mandates?” Starnes asked.

Should citizens refuse to wear masks in LA?

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