BREAKING: Monstrous Tornado Rips Through New Orleans; Many Injured, Trapped

DEVELOPING STORY: A monstrous multi-vortex tornado touched down in New Orleans causing a significant amount of damage. Local reports indicate the city’s Ninth Ward took a direct hit from the twister. There are many reports of injuries and residents trapped in their homes. Click here to sign up for Todd’s free newsletter – and avoid Big Tech censorship!

St. Bernard Parish President Guy McGinnis says a tornado has caused “major damage” there, and videos show at least several houses crumbled. He said that at least so far, there are no reports of major injuries. Power is out to much of the parish. 

“We have widespread damage from south Arabi to North Arabi,” he told Eyewitness News. “We’re going through homes, search and rescue and clearing homes. We have some homes in South Arabi that we’re trying to get to, we’re getting calls from people saying they’re trapped, but as of right now, there are no major injuries reported.”

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