Congress Informed of ‘Serious National Security Threat’

DEVELOPING STORY: House Intelligence Chairman Mike Turner says all members of Congress have been told of a “serious national security threat.” Turner called on President Biden to declassify all information relating to the threat “so that Congress, the Administration, and our allies can openly discuss the actions necessary to respond to this threat.”

Fox News Digital obtained the notice sent to congressional members Wednesday, which pointed to “an urgent matter with regard to a destabilizing foreign military capability that should be known by all Congressional Policy Makers.”

Rep. Jim Himes (D-CT), the ranking Democrat on the committee, told Americans they should not worry too much.

“Look, Mike is right to highlight this issue. But it’s so sensitive that [we’re] right now not publicly discussing. And I don’t want people thinking that, you know, Martians are landing or that your Wednesday is going to be ruined. But it’s something that the Congress the administration does need to address in the medium to long run,” Himes told The Hill.

White House National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan said Wednesday at the White House press briefing that earlier in the week, he reached out to the Gang of Eight to offer himself for a personal briefing on the matter. That briefing will take place Thursday.

“I am a bit surprised that Congressman Turner came out publicly today in advance of a meeting on the books for me to go sit with him alongside our intelligence and defense professionals tomorrow. That’s his choice to do that,” Sullivan said.

“All I can tell you is that I’m focused on going to see him, sit with him, as well as the other House members of the Gang of Eight tomorrow, and I’m not in a position to say anything further from this podium at this time, other than to make the broad point that this administration has gone further, and in more creative, more strategic ways, dealt with the declassification of intelligence in the national interest of the United States than any administration in history,” Sullivan continued.

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