BULLETIN: More than 2,200 Illegals Invade America in ONE DAY

There has been a massive increase in border crossings, Fox News’ Bill Melugin reports.

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Should the border be closed to illegals?

At least 2,202 illegals crossed the Del Rio sector in just 24 hours as of Monday morning, a Department of Homeland Security official told the outlet.

“That’s 2,200 people in ONE day, in ONE single sector on the southern border,” Melugin tweeted.

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He reports the number of illegals, over 400,000 since 10/1, is up 100% over last year.

“Almost all single adults,” Melugin said of the group on Sunday.

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National radio host Todd Starnes weighed in on the situation on Facebook.

“More than 2,200 people illegally crossed the Southern border — in one sector — in one day. Folks, these numbers are not sustainable,” Starnes said.

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