CALLOUS: Biden Offers ‘No Comment’ on Catastrophic Maui Wildfire

The death toll in Maui is beyond words – the damage – beyond comprehension. As many as 1,000 people are still missing after wildfires ravaged the island. And the fear is that most of those people may have perished in the flames.

Families were forced to jump into the ocean to escape. An entire village was wiped off the face of the earth.

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Our fellow Americans are suffering.

Reporters have been pressing the Biden Administration to respond to the tragedy. They finally got their chance as President Biden lounged by the water in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware.

He responded with a terse, “No comment.”

“After a couple hours on the Rehoboth beach, @potus was asked about the rising death toll in Hawaii,” Bloomberg’s Justin Sink posted to X, formerly known as Twitter. He said that the president responded with, “no comment” before he went home.

That’s not good enough. His response was cold and callous.

MSNBC host Mehdi Hasan said Biden’s response would “hurt him” and called it “unforced errors.”

“It seems like the president should have something to say about that,” the Washington Examiner’s Byron York wrote.

“Joe Biden is the most embarrassing thing about America today — his arrogance, his ignorance/stupidity/senility, his elitism, his total disregard for normal people, his corruption … the air of entitlement he carries everywhere — it all makes me sick,” journalist Tom Elliott wrote on Twitter.

Biden did the same thing to the good people of East Palestine, Ohio.

Is Biden a callous president?

It’s as if the administration’s response to a national tragedy is based solely on how the affected region voted in the last election. East Palestine voters chose President Trump.

But what’s really bizarre is that Maui voted overwhelmingly for President Biden. So why does he ignore their pain and suffering?

The people of Maui deserve better from their president. So do the American people.

The president’s response to this national tragedy cannot be blamed on his diminished mental capacity, but it can be blamed on a cold and uncaring heart.


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