Catholic Church Heavily Damaged by Pro-Abortion Vandals

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Just hours after radical leftists announced plans to target churches on Mother’s Day comes word of a Catholic church in Colorado that was hit by vandals.

Pro-abortion vandals caused heavy damage at Sacred Heart of Mary Church in Boulder – shattering a window and spray painting profane messages across the property. Several statues were also damaged.

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“My Body My Choice” was painted on a door of the church and “Keep Your Religion Off Our Bodies” on an exterior wall. A pickup truck was damaged with graffiti, as were statues.

“We knew that the upcoming Supreme Court decision might lead to this again, so I can’t say we were entirely surprised this morning,” spokesperson Mark Haas told the Denver Post. “We’ve certainly had internal discussions on simple ways parishes can improve their security.”

Parishioners were saddened and angered by the act of violence.

“We’re disappointed that we can’t have a peaceful conversation about such a hot topic and instead, people resort to violence. But we kind of understand, at least I do,” parishioner Charlie Danaher told The Denver Channel.

He said the destruction would not silence the church.

“We don’t really dwell on that,” Danaher said. “Although we know, of course, that’s the price that we may pay for being in this conversation and in this cultural battle, but we don’t really dwell on that.”