CHAR GRILL THIS! Millennials Say They are Better Grillers Than Parents

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Most millennials say they do a better job of grilling than their parents do.

Eight in ten, according to a survey conducting by One Poll on behalf of Tabasco – the hot sauce people.

It’s a bit surprising seeing how millennials are more likely than other generations to prepare meals that come in a kit. 

The survey no doubt squirting lighter fluid on Generation Xers — like myself – a generation that was raised on char-grilled red meat. 

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The survey also found that millennials are least like to lend a helping hand in the kitchen.

Six in 10 millennials have pretended not to know how to cook to avoid having to help. That’s according to a recent survey of 3,000 U.S. adults, divided evenly among Generation Z (ages 18–25), millennials (26–41), Generation X (42–57), and baby boomers (58–76).

Overall, more than half the poll (55%) say they are often reluctant to grill. Most find ready-made meal kits to be more convenient (49%), or simply think others are better at grilling (48%). While the majority of millennials prefer simple meal kits to traditional grilling (56%), most Gen Zers are reluctant to grill because they think others are better at it than them (47%).

One Poll Survey

Meanwhile, Generation Z’ers seem to know their place around the background grill. 

62 percent say father knows best when it comes to the charcoal briquettes. 


That being said the survey is somewhat flawed. The millennials were never asked what exactly they were grilling. 

So there’s a good chance – they may very well be the best open flame chefs in America — provided they are grilling tofu or kale. 

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