Check Out the WAIST-DEEP POTHOLE in Democrat-Controlled Memphis

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Memphis potholes are notorious, but the one Traynor Jennings discovered on Waring Road just might be the worst of the worst. Watch the video below.

Jennings came across a pothole that was literally waist-deep. We know it was waist-deep because he filmed himself standing in the hole.

“Hey city of Memphis, there’s holes like this everywhere,” Jennings said in the video, which was posted on TikTok. “We’re like in the middle of the street. We’re on Waring Road.”

More than three million people have watched the video — including some very angry city leaders. They contend Jennings removed a steel plate that had covered the hole.

You may have seen this TicTok video, but let’s clear a few things up with some facts. This is not a pothole. This is a cavity that is caused by a leak in an underground waterline which lead to erosion. When this situation was brought to our attention, Public Works immediately covered the hole with a metal plate. Before the road can be repaired, the underground problem must be fixed. On average, potholes that are reported to 311 are filled within two days. So far this year, we’ve filled 29,000 potholes. In addition, we have more than doubled street paving in the last 6 years compared to the prior 6 years. This TicTok may be funny to watch, but it was unwise to remove the metal plate and place yourself into the cavity of washed away soil in the middle of a street. Your best bet is to call 311 to report road damage and potholes.

Jennings tells KWAM NewsTalk Memphis tha the rejects the notion that he removed the steel plate.

The waist-deep pothole is not all that surprising. But what is surprising is the city’s assertion they’ve filled 29,000 potholes. Clearly, they missed my street.

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