Christian Google Workers Upset at Drag Show Mocking Jesus

Hundreds of Google employees pushed back against the Big Tech company’s Pride event mocking Jesus Christ.

Google was forced to back off sponsoring the “Pride and Drag Show” Tuesday featuring “Peaches Christ” at the LGBTQ+ bar Beaux in San Francisco after a petition was sent to HR claiming religious discrimination, CNBC reports.

“Their provocative and inflammatory artistry is considered a direct affront to the religion beliefs and sensitivities of Christians,” the petition reads about the drag performer who describes himself as a “cult leader.”

Peaches Christ, the stage name for 49-year-old Joshua Grannell, shared a post from the Satanic Temple called the “Gender Affirmation Ritual Series DRAG: Dressing Ritual to Affirm Gender-Expression.”

The employees complained that the event violated one of Google’s event guidelines which bans sexually explicit activity.

Without referencing the petition or responding to their demand for an apology, Google spokesperson Chris Pappas told CNBC it no longer categorized the drag show as a company-recognized Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) event.

He said the team that planned the final drag event did so “without going through our standard events process.”

“While the event organizers have shifted the official team event onsite, the performance will go on at the planned venue — and it’s open to the public, so employees can still attend,” Pappas said.

Google set up a separate social gathering at their office for employees to attend.

Is it time for Christians to stand up against Pride?

“We’ve long been very proud to celebrate and support the LGBTQ+ community. Our Pride celebrations have regularly featured drag artists for many years, including several this year,” Pappas added.

Conservatives celebrated the win for the Christian employees online.

“Previously silenced, Christians are being heard,” one person said.

“This is amazing,” another user tweeted.

Google isn’t the only company to experience blowback for pushing a Pride agenda. Target, Bud Light, Starbucks and others have toned down their Pride agendas due to customers’ complaints.

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