Coal Miners Rescue Stranded Motorist in Battery-Powered Car

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A funny thing happened the other day on the way to coal country.

A bunch of West Virginia coal miners came across a car that had run out of juice — literally. 

A motorist from Washington, D.C. was driving one of those battery-powered cars and it broke down right in front of the entrance to a coal mine. 

You can’t make this stuff up.

West Virginia State Representative Randy Smith works at the mine and documented what happened next. 

Some days are just better than others. Today at our mine off Corridor H an electric car from DC ran out of battery at the road entrance to the mine. Someone called one of our foreman and told him a car was broke down in the middle of our haul road. He went to investigate and found out they had indeed ran out of juice coming from DC to Davis for a get away weekend. He then went back to the mine and got guys to push the car to the guard shack so they could plug in to charge. They couldn’t pull it because it was all plastic underneath and nothing to hook up to. So here are 5 coal miners pushing a battery car to the coal mine to charge up. If you look closely you can see our coal stockpile and load out in the background. This just shows you coal miners are good people and will go out of their way to help anyone friend or foe. Im honestly glad they ended up where they could get some help because they couldn’t get a tow truck to come and this is out in the middle of nowhere. one guy even dropped off a Friend of Coal license plate when he left to go home. Lol #Godblesscoalminers

Sen. Smith/Facebook

The miners tried to pull the car – but the undercarriage was all plastic.

Instead, it took about five miners to push the battery-powered car to the office – so the driver could plug it into an outlet.

Those battery powered cars not so much energy efficient as they are inefficient. 

A few hours later the motorist puttered away — but not before the miners gave the fellow a gift – “A Friend of Coal License” plate. 

There’s an old country music song – I’ve Got Friends With Tractors. What’s even better are to have friends who are coal miners. 

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