Disney Doesn’t Want Christians in their Parks, Says Ex-Employee

A former Walt Disney World employee claims the company doesn’t want Christians in their parks or on their payroll.

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In an interview with Fox News, Barbara Andreas, who was let go in March, said, “We’ve been very vocal that it feels like Disney is getting closer and closer to not wanting Christians there. Not on their parks, not on their payroll.”

This comes after two other former Disney employees were fired after giving religious exemptions for the vaccine; they are now suing the company for religious discrimination.


Barbara Andreas, says she was called out by a general manager, “made to feel like a bad person, a bad leader, and totally singled out.”

Should Christians boycott Disney?

Both employees claim to have reached out multiple times about the status of their exemptions but were ignored by their higher-ups at Disney. When Stephen Cribb, the other employee, asked to have an attorney present, they allegedly refused further conversations regarding his exemption.

Carroll Sanders, the attorney representing them, “spent a great deal of time reaching out” as well and was met with similar silence before filling the lawsuit. He continued to say they have “at least a dozen more plaintiffs in the pipeline” meaning the lawsuit could grow to a larger problem for Disney.

“We want to be valued; we want to be accepted… Disney just thinks they are above the law,” said Andreas.

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Disney’s decision to jump into the culture wars has caused significant debate with the nation’s Christian community.

“What has happened at Disney is moral failure. Walt Disney had a vision for wholesome family entertainment,” renowned evangelical leader Franklin Graham said. “Disney has gone too far.”

But the problem, according to national radio host Todd Starnes, is that Christians don’t have the courage to maintain any sustained boycott of Disney.

“Christians are addicted to Disney,” said Starnes. “They claim to oppose the company’s anti-Christian, anti-family agenda, but most have decided it was not enough to change their vacation plans.

Starnes pointed the finger directly at the Southern Baptist Convention.

“They held the national convention in Anaheim during the middle of the LGBT battle and instead of encouraging Baptists to boycott, they actually embraced Disney. What sort of messages does it send to Christians when Southern Baptist leaders are partying at the Magic Kingdom?”

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