Disney Underestimates Anger of Parents: Rep. Ralph Norman

Disney executives underestimated the “giant” they’ve awakened with their woke agenda, Rep. Ralph Norman (R-SC) said on the Todd Starnes Show.

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TODD STARNES: [01:37:26] Let’s go to the Patriot Mobile Newsmaker Line. Honored to have with us from the great state of South Carolina, our good friend, Congressman Ralph Norman. Congressman, good to have you with us today. [01:37:36][10.2]

Who will win in the end?

REP. RALPH NORMAN (R-SC): [01:37:38] Great to be with you, Todd. Thank you. [01:37:39][1.3]

STARNES: [01:37:39] You know, Congressman, a couple of big stories that we’ve been covering and talking about – not the least of which is Gov. Ron DeSantis taking such a fierce stand in support of parents and against Walt Disney Co. This is a big deal in Florida and across much of the country. What about in South Carolina? [01:37:59][19.9]

NORMAN: [01:38:01] Well, you know, the same thing he did on his bill that is K-3 of not teaching anything sexually explicit or anything about transgender. Ron DeSantis wants to teach what helps train Americans to compete and particularly at a young age. I’m hoping to get the same thing in South Carolina. We’ve got a letter that we just finished today. It’ll be passed around when we go back in session Monday to the Disney executives saying how ridiculous this is. They have customers to please. They have customers that pay good money. For them to take this stance, I think they’ve underestimated the giant that they have aroused with what they’re doing. [01:38:47][45.3]

STARNES: [01:38:48] You know, Congressman, we had a retired army colonel on just a little while ago, and he is very concerned about some reports coming out from the Pentagon that we could very well have the smallest army since World War II days. What are you guys hearing up on Capitol Hill about the depletion of troops in the military? [01:39:10][22.4]

NORMAN: [01:39:12] Oh, yeah, they did the same thing, and it’s the depletion of our finest. I mean, our Navy SEALs, our Rangers, our Delta Force – no, just look what the COVID shot mandate has done to get out people that just want to be in charge of what goes in their own bodies and what this president has done, it’s like he’s doing it intentionally, Todd. It’s got to be intentional to deplete the military. And, you know, it’s one blunder intentionally after another from Afghanistan, to what he didn’t do in Ukraine, to what he probably will not do when China overtakes Taiwan. I mean, it’s ineptness, followed by corruption, followed by, you know, total lack of sanity to protect the American people. We’re hearing the same things, and we’re hearing it from people in Congress who serve and who know the hierarchy and talk every day with the military, and that’s what’s so concerning. We’re falling behind China, just particularly with the hypersonic missiles. We’re falling behind on funding. The budget is anything but a defense funding; it’s a government giveaway for new government programs, and it’s a serious blunder. [01:40:24][72.1]


STARNES: [01:40:25] Congressman, our good friend, Sen. Bill Hagerty is leading a delegation of sheriffs and mayors to the border, very concerned about the uptick. They’re telling us about a half a million encounters at the border, and now we’re being told that up to 2,000 of those illegals a day are able to just to run, and they’re not getting caught. [01:40:47][21.7]

NORMAN: [01:40:49] well, they’re going to abolish Title 42, with the ‘Remain in Mexico’ policy from when the COVID pandemic hit. And you know, we’re going to have anywhere from what those on the inside, you know the Mark Morgan’s of the world and others, anywhere from 20,000 to 35,000 per day come across our border. We don’t know anything about them. We have no idea who they are, and it’s just crazy. [01:41:15][25.7]

STARNES: [01:41:17] So here we are, and look, we know it’s a dumpster fire, and we’re hoping to be able to extinguish a lot of the flames in the midterm elections. I’m just curious to get your take on the mainstream media turning on Biden here. I think they’ve known all along, Congressman, about the laptop, they knew it was authentic. They knew there wasn’t any Russian disinformation, and they were holding out for a specific reason. And I’m wondering, are we starting to see the turn now that could lead to a change in the Oval Office down the road? [01:41:49][32.1]

NORMAN: [01:41:51] Well, it’s too little, too late. I mean, the mainstream media is corrupt. I mean, why didn’t they report this? If Donald Trump had done a minuscule fraction of what this administration, mainly Hunter and his father have done, you know, they would’ve blasted it front page news on the print and on social media starting two years ago. But no, it’s too little, too late. Look at the damage this man has done to our country, not only economically, what he’s done to our once allies across the country, if he does this deal with Iran that’s negotiated by Russians, it’s serious. And I’ll tell you this, if and when Taiwan gets overtaken, the chip that goes in so many of our cars and electronic gadgets, that will be a huge dent in this country, because we don’t manufacture it here. And with his tax policy he’s run every American manufacturer to other countries. That’s the sad part about it. [01:43:02][71.7]

STARNES: [01:43:03] Incredibly sad. Well, Congressman, we’re going to leave it there. Always appreciate your insight on the big issues of the day. Hope you have a good weekend, sir. [01:43:10][6.9]

NORMAN: [01:43:11] Thank thanks so much, Todd. I appreciate what you do. [01:43:12][1.5]

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